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Change and a slow flow in nature.

Oops! Its been much much longer than I intended between posts ... sorry..... all due to my inability to function with a PC ( due to the fact they shut down whenever I go near them) and my iPad (which doesn't) but sadly the blog does by not being compatible with it!

Hey, well they are all saying 2018 and communication is going to be..... well a little wobbly !
And, that it's a year all about being able to go with the flow of change, otherwise it's going to be tough that not what change is all about, taking us out of our comfort zone to experience new and exciting adventures.... even if fear tries to convince us otherwise!
So that's exactly what I am attempting to do..... you may have noticed a change of blog name too.... to Simply Slow.... there's method in our madness here....... all to do with old names and new websites etc ..... all beyond my understanding.

I experienced seeing just that change in Nature recently driving to the shops..... I was going through the forested area not far from us ....when I came to a bend of unexpected light and openness....where a few days previously had stood many many tall straight-up-to-the-sky Douglas pine trees...... which had been gifted by the government and planted by the locals after the Second World War........ over time their branches have met in the middle of the road meeting branches that had stretched over from the trees on the other side.
It was beautiful, like driving through a huge wild arbour...... in winter protecting the road from snow and ice and in the summer...... well a little haven of coolness in the heat as one drove through it.
Now though, one side still has its trees reaching up to the sky...... the other.... nothing but hundreds of tree stumps along with the trunks of the trees lying down to spend time drying out before the huge logging lorries arrive to take them away on their next adventure.....

I deeply felt the heavy energy of sadness, the sounds of the huge machines cutting and crunching through the forest, clearing it in what seemed like seconds..... the hurt for no longer reaching for that sky.... hung in the air.... even though the light was shining through to the earth below for the first time in many years.......

At the same time I felt the stirrings of the energy of a new circle of life.... excitement at what was now possible in that space........ a letting go for the change to begin.....
Having had the opportunity to have lived here now for over 10 years I am able to experience the energy of life in a totally different way......... for in the next few months all sorts of seeds from wild flowers and plants will spring to life in that space after years of hibernation.
It's like a painting being painted as one watches and it's all such a surprise.

Wild Broom is the quickest to come to life and in the months to come will fill that space with its vivid yellow sunshine colour to brighten our journey.
Then in time when the earth has settled and received some nurturing sunshine....the owner will hopefully replant...... and the circle of life will start all over again. Nature has much to teach us.....

We have some lovely walks around us and during the holidays Gary and I went down the path in front of our gîte. Recently we have been experiencing rain instead of snow so it was wonderful to see the little Creusier River at the bottom of the lane in full flow

...... the noise was really intense for such a small river and the flow so fast. Again yet another circle of nature. That river goes down to La Credogne, La Credogne empties into La Dore.... La Dore goes into Allier and the Allier flows into Le Loire.
Beautiful and so full of healing energy.

So I hope if change is appearing in your lives you are able to embrace it too..... I am certainly intending to. However fast this year is .... and I feel it's going to be very fast..... perhaps allow yourself just a little time for a slow flow in nature.... she provides much medicine and healing.

Bye for now

Andree x

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Its me ....Simply Andree ...and Bienvenue /Welcome to my very first blog ....ever!

Thank you for taking the time to visit La Maison de Réflexion website and for clicking on the link to me.

As 2017 is starting to draw to a close and our hopes and dreams are leading us into 2018 a few words of reflection.....

2017 is our 10 year anniversary of arriving in France and the start of our journey here. It's also the year when we applied and have in the last month been accepted for French naturalisation. A relief after all that's happening with Brexit.

This was our first year of an adventure with Permaculture for our vegetable/potager garden guided by our friend Hervé (I will be blogging all about this in the new year along with lots of pictures). It's been amazing to see what nature can provide for itself if only we allow her.

Amazingly this year I will have completed my 1000th handmade card to be sold in the next few weeks......a venture I only started a couple of years again to allow  my creative fingers their joy. And I thank Chez Fanny, Planète Fleurs, their customers and our friends for their support in buying them. My way of sending love into the world via a unique painted heart on the back of each card.

Gary's is as busy as ever with his teaching ......and having his horizons broadened on the many subjects he covers to help his students.

And most important of all .....welcoming our new guests and welcoming back returning friends both human and of course....of the doggie kind. Its so lovely meet new people and see returning familiar faces again. We feel so blessed.

I am (slowly of course!) contemplating my words for future blogs on our life,what nature has to teach us and has taught us , and how we are learning to be part of today's world while holding the moment in our hearts.........and what may interest you if you wish to spend some time with us in our little place in Pitelet amongst the healing calm of nature. It's a special place.....

I'll be back  soon.....







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